Cultural variation and communication technology in Sweden, China and Japan

Jens Allwood, Magnus Bergquist, Magnus Mörck

"Cultural variation and communication technology in Sweden, China and Japan" is a research project at SSKKII, Göteborg university, which is financed by KFB. Professor Jens Allwood together with Ph.D. Magnus Bergquist and Associate Professor Magnus Mörck organize the project. The project will be conducted between 1998-2000.

The study focuses on intercultural communication in a multicultural work situation and on how information technology affects the outcome of this communication, relating both problems and opportunities. As empirical focus, Ericsson, a Swedish telecom company operating on an international level, with subsidiaries in Japan and China, has been chosen.

The method is to compare the work situation related to the cultural environment. We wish to study communication between actors representing different ethnical backgrounds. We are focusing on actors' explanations of their experiences of intercultural communication through ethnological 'in-depth interviews'.

For a more comprehensive outline of the research project, please look at the research project description.

To get some information of what has been achieved during 1998, look at the results (Only in Swedish).

Pictures of project members and affiliated researchers.

The following articles and papers have been written so far:

Magnus Mörck: Stereotyper

Magnus Bergquist och Magnus Mörck: Making Asia Manageable. Stereotypes and Metaphors of Asia in a Swedish Business Magazine

Magnus Bergquist och Magnus Mörck: Bortom orientalismen. Framställningar av Asien på Internet