TREE Reports


      Ellman J., Rogers A., Somers H., Black B., Nivre J, Lager T., Multari A., and Gilardoni L "Foreign Language Information Extraction: An Application in the Employment Domain" in proc. UNICOM Conference "Natural Language Processing: Extracting Information for Business Needs" 19th March 1997 London UK (word, rtf)

      Elvingsson, H. and Wilhelmsson, T. (1997) "Multilingual Generation of Job Advertisements on the World Wide Web." Master's Thesis in Computational Linguistics. Göteborg University: Department of Linguistics.

      Somers H., Black B., Nivre J., Lager T., Multari A., Gilardoni L., Ellman J., and Rogers A. "Multilingual Generation and Summarization of Job Adverts: the TREE Project" in proceedings of  "Applied Natural Language Processing 97. Washington USA (postscript)

      Turner P. Rogers A, Turner S and Ellman J "Seeing the wood for the TREEs’"3rd ERCIM Workshop: User Interfaces for All Obernai France 3-4/11/97

      Nivre, J. and Lager, T. "An Integrated Approach to Multilingual Hypertext Generation." (1998) Submitted to the 9th International Workshop on Natural Language Generation, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada, 5-7 August 1998. (postscript)

      Technical Specifications of Prototype2 (word 279 kb)

      Annual Report 1998.

      Final Report 1995-1998 (word 159 kb)


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