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Embodied Communicative Feedback (English description) Jens Allwood
European Intercultural Workplace Jens Allwood
The internal form and function of gestures (FAS) Elisabeth Ahlsén, Ann-Christin Månsson
From words to conversation (FAS) Elisabeth Ahlsén, Anneli Bergström
Swedish and German Spoken Language (English description - Swedish description - German description) Jens Allwood, Christiane Pankow
Kommunikation och interaktion i den mångkulturella vården (FAS) Jens Allwood, Nataliya Berbyuk, Amir Khorram-Manesh
Ability to concentrate, infer and interact in conversation in left- and right hemisphere brain damaged individuals (FAS) Elisabeth Ahlsén, Lotta Saldert
Relations between colour experience and colour terms in Swedish, Finnish, English, and Chinese Jens Allwood, Ingvar Lind, Pierre Gander
Analyses of children's communication in different activities - a comparison between dysarthric physically disabled children and children without speech disorders and physical impairments Elisabeth Ahlsén, Ulrika Ferm

Avslutade projekt

Cultural variation and communication technology in Sweden, China and Japan Jens Allwood
MAISIE: Multimodal Access to Public Information Services Robin Cooper
Intermodal translation Elisabeth Ahlsén
TREE: TRansEuropean Employment (EU - Telematics) Joakim Nivre, Jens Allwood
AMFO: Databaser för samarbete Databases for Cooperation Carl-Martin Allwood, Jens Allwood
Reading and writing strategies in disabled groups Sven Strömqvist, Elisabeth Ahlsén
IVES II: Information Visualization and Exploration Suport Jens Allwood
VISAT Jens Allwood
Grammar Support Mats Lundälv, Elisabeth Ahlsén
Interactive narratives Jens Allwood
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